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C++11/14 compiler and library shootout

It’s been almost a year since my last comparison of C++11 support across different compilers, so I decided to take a break from working on my book about C++11/14 features in VS2013, and see how things have changed.

Once again, I’d like to …

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GCC edition of C++11 Rocks book available now (in beta)

If you build your projects with GCC as well as Visual Studio, you can now get the beta version of the GCC edition of my book, C++11 Rocks.

The book covers all of the C++11 language features. They are all supported by GCC as of version 4.8.1.

The …

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C++11 compiler support shootout: Visual Studio, GCC, Clang, Intel

It’s been more than half a year since my last comparison of the C++11 support across different compilers. This time I’d like to see how different compilers stack up based on the documentation for the pre-release …

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if (arr<:0:> not_eq 0 and not false) – alternative tokens in C++

The line of code in the heading is actually C++. I recently noticed a small section called Alternative tokens in the standard (it’s 2.6, for the curious) which allows this sort of shenanigans.

The following code will probably look slightly alien to you, like a weird C++ knockoff, but it’s …

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A comparison of C++11 language support in VS2012, g++ 4.7 and Clang 3.1

If you need an excuse for celebration, today happens to be an anniversary! The C++11 standard was approved by ISO on 12 August last year, exactly one year ago. I decided to take a look at the state of C++11 language support one year on across three compilers: the upcoming …

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