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C++11 compiler support shootout: Visual Studio, GCC, Clang, Intel

It’s been more than half a year since my last comparison of the C++11 support across different compilers. This time I’d like to see how different compilers stack up based on the documentation for the pre-release …

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C++11 Rocks Visual Studio 2012 Edition is out of beta

The Visual Studio 2012 edition of C++11 Rocks is complete and out of beta. There are tons of cool features added into this version of Visual Studio which you could be using to write code that runs faster and has fewer bugs: concurrency support, time utilities, range-based …

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An introduction to the TR2 filesystem library in Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2012 includes the filesystem library. It isn’t part of the C++11 standard but it’s one of the proposals for TR2. The proposal is based on the library included in boost.

The library provides a convenient (and cross platform, if supported by compilers) interface for file & directory traversing and …

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23 C++11 bugs you no longer need to worry about in VS2012

Visual Studio 2012 has fixed a lot of bugs in C++11 features which were present in Visual Studio 2010.

Of course, VS2010 was released before the C++ standard was finalised. Now that the standard is final, Visual Studio doesn’t have to follow a moving target, and its compliance with the standard …

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16 C++11 additions in VS2012 for cleaner & faster code

Some people were disappointed with the level of C++11 support in Visual Studio 2012.

Let’s look on the bright side though. There are still lots of useful C++11 additions you can use to make your code cleaner and faster.

Language support has been improved in little ways. More significantly, the standard library …

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C++11 Rocks VS2012 Edition beta release

C++11 Rocks – Visual Studio 2012 Edition is now available as a beta book.

This release covers a lot of ground, with all the major language updates and a lot of the new libraries included:
Chapter 1: Type inference
         auto & decltype keywords, trailing return types
Chapter 2: Lambda expressions

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