C++11 Rocks: Visual Studio 2010 Edition

Code complexity giving you a headache? Worried that your app isn’t fast enough?

You know you could write better code if you used the new C++11 features, but you can’t find the time to learn them. Or maybe you think that they are going to be complicated to learn. Or maybe you haven’t seen a good book about the new C++.

VS2010 allows you to write better code

If you do get over the learning curve, Visual Studio 2010 gives you the opportunity to use C++11 features to make your code significantly cleaner and easier to read, and to improve performance as well.

But which features are there? Are they ready for use in production code? The documentation isn’t very detailed and won’t tell you about bugs and non-standard behavior.

In reality, valid C++11 code sometimes fails to compile in VS2010, or worse, causes crashes or wrong results at runtime. Just think about the amount of time you could waste debugging and looking for workarounds instead of making progress on your project.

So how can you learn C++11?

You could read books, but the available books span the entire C++ language, run to a 1000 pages or more, and only manage to scratch the surface. Despite the size, they aren’t going to help you learn the intricacies that matter in real world code.

You could settle on good old trial & error combined with reading blogs and forums, but that’s certainly not an easy path to take. Imagine how much time you’ll have to spend!

Learn the easy way with C++11 Rocks

You can master the C++11 features in VS2010 with this book. It’s laser focused on C++11, Visual Studio 2010, and nothing else. You’ll quickly get in-depth knowledge of the stuff you need to know, in just 175 action packed pages.

You’ll learn easily with tons of examples. I spent a lot of time researching and testing code, and as a result the book details 43 C++11 bugs and cases of non-standard behavior in Visual Studio.

You’ll also find out about things that are in VS2010 but aren’t standard, as well as Microsoft extensions which can be used as a replacement for standard features.

I offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

You will save many many hours

Here are 5 ways this book will save you time:

  1. I’ve done the research: the C++ standard, blogs, videos, articles, forums, you name it. I’ve distilled what I learned into a book which provides you with all the information about C++11, so you can learn quicker. There is no other book like this.

  2. It’s aimed at experienced developers, so I won’t waste your time explaining what an STL algorithm is, or how to write a template. There are dozens of C++11 code examples, succinct descriptions, and no fluff.

  3. It’s ultra focused: it’s only about C++11 features, and only those which are implemented in Visual Studio 2010. No need to read about things you can’t use.

  4. It’ll save you from some nasty (and lengthy) debugging sessions. When you’re not aware of non-standard compiler behavior and compiler bugs, they can be very frustrating and time-consuming to debug. You don’t expect them and you think the fault is in your code, so you keep searching in the wrong place. The book highlights such issues so you’re aware of them upfront.

  5. Finally, when you start putting your new knowledge of C++11 to use, you’ll be able to write better quality code faster, saving yourself even more time.

Readers say…

“Alex Korban has written a nice e-book that covers the parts of C++11 available in Visual Studio” – isocpp.org

“Just wanted to say what a pleasant surprise your C++11 Rocks book has been! Very clearly and concisely written, with great depth and coverage. I’ve been a full-time C++ developer since 1994, so wasn’t expecting to pick up as much as I have!” – Shaun Fielder

“Excellent C++11 book! I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into your C++11 Rocks book. This is the perfect reference for all the new features that went into the language.” – John Shaffstall

“Thanks again for the book! I find myself referring to it frequently as I try to integrate the new C++11 features into my daily work. I can’t imagine how many hours you spent working out all of the idiosyncrasies in the VS2010 implementation but those are hours I get to save!” – Angel Marquez, Senior Software Developer (@DebugMonkey)

“I am so glad that I bought the book. It is a very unconventional book. In no book, what so ever, have I read about compiler bugs, work-arounds, etc. I think your description of common errors, pitfalls, and bugs will have saved me a lot of trouble.” – Mattias Högström, System Architect at Visma.com

Get started today!

The C++11 Rocks ebook is available for just $47 $15. That’s the price of a not so fancy restaurant main, but consider how much time you will save! It’s a great investment in your skills and productivity.

Remember, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Still have questions?

Have a look at the table of contents and a free sample from the book. The text is easy on the eyes and the code is highlighted nicely:

Page screenshot

What if the book isn’t useful to me?

I am confident that the book will be useful to you, but in the unlikely case it isn’t I have a 30-day refund policy, no hassles and no questions. I take all the risk, so there’s no reason for you not to buy!

What format is it in?

The book is in PDF format, and are laid out for easy reading either on screen or in printed form. The code has syntax highlighting, and I’ve used decent size fonts so you don’t have to squint!

Do I have to deal with DRM?

The book isn’t crippled with DRM, you don’t need to remember yet another password, and you can print, copy & paste, and backup the files. I believe in providing value to the customers instead of relying on security theater. The files are simply stamped with your details in the footer.

Can I buy it for the whole team?

If you want to make the book available to everyone in your organization, a team license available for $199, which allows you to provide the book to up to 100 users. It’s much easier (and potentially cheaper!) than tracking individual licenses.

What are the payment options?

You can pay by credit card or via a Paypal account. All payments are handled by Paypal, which is trusted by millions of people. Paypal handles the transaction so I don’t see your financial details. You don’t need a Paypal account to pay by credit card.

Are updates included?

As this book is about an old edition of Visual Studio, I don’t expect to update it anymore.