Do you use Clang to compile C++? Would you like to know all about the C++11 and C++14 language features it supports?

You can read about them in the new edition of my C++11/14 Rocks book tailored to Clang. I carefully collected everything you need into one short, clear book.

Clang already supports all of these C++14 features as of version 3.4:

  • Return type deduction for regular functions
  • Generic lambdas
  • Initialized lambda captures
  • Variable templates
  • Relaxed requirements on constexpr functions
  • Refined member initialization in aggregates
  • Binary literals
  • deprecated attribute
  • Single quotation mark as digit separator

Get C++11/14 Rocks - Clang edition

A couple of notes:

  • For those who have the GCC edition of the book: you’ll already be familiar with all the C++11 content as GCC also has full C++11 support. However, the Clang edition has full C++14 coverage instead of an overview.
  • The book doesn’t cover library features.