C++11/14 Rocks book: Clang edition

You want to write better performing, cleaner code using the latest C++ features. You know that C++11 and C++14 have a lot to offer, but there are so many different changes, and it’s hard to decide where to begin.

Blogs only provide shallow or fragmented descriptions, and wading through 1000’s of pages in books in search of the new features is time consuming. It just seems too difficult.

What if there was an easy solution?

Clang edition Imagine if you could get concise, to the point description of just the new features. All carefully collected in a single book with tons of code samples.

Master all the modern C++ features quickly

I’ve dedicated hundreds of hours to research so you don’t have to. My book is laser-focused on the language changes made in C++11 & C++14 and implemented by the Clang compiler (versions 3.3 and above have full C++11 support, 3.4 supports C++14).

You’ll get in-depth knowledge required to use the latest C++ features in your projects.

Benefits for you and your project

Any non-trivial project will benefit from using the new features. These are the main advantages:

  • Better performance
  • Improved abstractions
  • Less boilerplate code
  • More type safety

Get started today!

Start mastering the full power of modern C++:

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You get the book in PDF, EPUB and Mobi formats.

Please note: the book does not cover the library changes introduced in the C++11/14 standards.

Need more than one copy?

The team license allows you to share the book with up to 30 developers for just $99.

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Readers say…

This is a sample of what people had to say about my books:

It’s exactly what I needed: I’m a seasoned C++ veterean who’s been working with Java since mid-2010. So what I needed is mainly an “in-depth update” on all the new stuff that came with C++ 11, and I don’t have the time (or the inclination) to read all through Stroustrup’s 4th edition. And your book just fits that bill :-) - Philipp Leibfried

What I like about the C++11 Rocks book is that its relatively short, getting right to the new new C++11 material. Despite this, it includes just the right amount of background material in a couple places that really need it. It’s a very well balanced book. - Tony Di Croce

I was looking for a good way to get introduced to C++11 - and quickly. Your book has been very helpful. Coming from C++03 I both needed a detailed explanation of the new features and also a good insight into the new way of thinking about, and attacking, the problems I was faced with.

I loved the good price and the quick access to the book. I also like the fact the book is still in development and you are active on twitter - it really gives a face to the author. I also dig the idea that it targets subsystems like gcc and Visual Studio. Thanks man! – Mads Ravn

I picked up a copy of Alex’s book, and he has done some amazing work! For those of you who find yourself short on time, but need to know what’s new and keep current this book has it all. It’s a great time saver, and the organization of the material makes it a great companion reference.

It covers template changes, the new class features including the changes related to constructors and inheritance, and the changes made for Unicode support and defining custom suffixes in C++11. It also covers concurrency and the use of thread-local variables. I haven’t finished it all, but it is well worth the small investment for the work he has summarized!! – Jay D. Campbell

Get the book now for just $29 $9 ➡

(or download a sample chapter and table of contents)

Remember, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

About the author

Alex Korban

Alex Korban has been crafting software for over 12 years and educating software developers since 2012. He’s been advocating the use of modern C++, STL and Boost for a long time. Alex has worked for a range of companies, from web startups to a US multinational, and on a variety of C++ projects including a flight simulator, geospatial applications, computer controlled bulldozer blades, and even software driven kerb laying machines (these 4 metre tall beasts are very cool to see in action!).