Following up on the previous post, I thought it would be cool to highlight all the areas which have been added or updated in the C++03 to C++11 transition. I think it’s a nice way to show how much of the language has changed.

Here is the diagram (green indicates new stuff, and yellow shows changed items):

Out of 18 primary categories, 2 new ones have been added and 12 have changes in them, so most of the language has been touched up, expanded and added to.

There are 44 new concepts and 35 changed concepts. Given that there are 189 concepts in total, that’s 23% new concepts, and another 19% updated concepts.

This is a very significant language update! Just those C++11 features which are implemented in Visual Studio 2010 required 175 pages to cover in my C++11 Rocks book, even though VS2010 doesn’t support a lot of things such as variadic templates or most of the concurrency features.

Even so, a recent survey on the C++ sub-Reddit showed that 37% of programmers are already using C++11 features in their projects, which shows a good uptake.

If you’re interested in a summary of the new STL containers and algorithms, check out the C++11 STL additions cheatsheet I made.