JetBrains CLion C++ IDE First Impressions

This post describes my first impressions from taking the new JetBrains CLion C++ IDE (currently in alpha) for a spin.

I’ve been a loyal user of another IDE made by JetBrains – RubyMine, which I’ve …

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Clang edition of the C++11/14 Rocks book

Do you use Clang to compile C++? Would you like to know all about the C++11 and C++14 language features it supports?

You can read about them in the new edition of my C++11/14 Rocks book tailored to Clang. I carefully collected everything you need into one short, clear book.

Clang …

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Spotlight on libraries relying on C++14

While working on the C++14 coverage for the Clang edition of my book, I’m also taking a look at the C++14 code in the wild, and I thought I’d write up what I’ve found.

There are, of course, implementations of the C++ standard library which by necessity rely on C++14 …

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What if C++ looked more like Python or CoffeeScript?

I’m quite fond of languages with minimal syntax. Not only it is easier to read and write code in these languages – it also provides an opportunity to reduce errors (both at compile time and at run time), when you consider that every character in a program has the potential …

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An overview of C++14 language features

In this post, I’m going to highlight some of the new language features in the draft of the C++14 standard. This is an excerpt from my book C++11 Rocks: VS2013 Edition. I looked at the level of C++14 support in different compilers in a …

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C++11/14 compiler and library shootout

It’s been almost a year since my last comparison of C++11 support across different compilers, so I decided to take a break from working on my book about C++11/14 features in VS2013, and see how things have changed.

Once again, I’d like to …

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