An overview of C++14 language features

In this post, I’m going to highlight some of the new language features in the draft of the C++14 standard. This is an excerpt from my book C++11 Rocks: VS2013 Edition. I looked at the level of C++14 support in different compilers in a …

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C++11/14 compiler and library shootout

It’s been almost a year since my last comparison of C++11 support across different compilers, so I decided to take a break from working on my book about C++11/14 features in VS2013, and see how things have changed.

Once again, I’d like to …

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44 C++11 bugs fixed in Visual Studio 2013

The following bugs which I described in the VS2012 edition of my book, C++11 Rocks, have been fixed in Visual Studio 2013, so you have more freedom to use C++11 features as they were intended to be used. If you used workarounds for these bugs, now you can remove them …

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VS2012 edition of C++11 Rocks updated

It’s been a while since the release of this book, and since then I’ve found quite a few new bugs as well as refining the text. I know that many people are still using VS2012 for now, so I hope this update will be useful.

Of course, if you’ve already …

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GCC edition of C++11 Rocks updated

I’ve published the second update of the C++11 Rocks – GCC Edition beta book today.

The following chapters have now been edited and proofread:

- Introduction
- Type Inference
- Lambda Expressions
- Template Features
- Class Features
- The Dream of Uniform Initialization
- Move Semantics
- Perfect Forwarding Problem and Solution
- constexpr Mechanism
- Range-based for Loop
- nullptr
- …

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VS2013 edition of C++11 Rocks available now (in beta)

You can now get the beta version of the Visual Studio 2013 edition of my book, C++11 Rocks.

The book covers all of the C++11 features provided by the VS2013 compiler and standard library.

What’s more, it covers the available C++14 features too. Admittedly, there’s just a handful of them for …

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