This is a resource for developers writing modern C++, with a focus on the latest revisions of the language: C++11 and C++14.

C++11/14 Rocks books

C++11/14 Rocks - Visual Studio

Visual Studio editions

Get an edition for your compiler: VS2013, VS2012 or VS2010.
Each edition includes descriptions of compiler-specific bugs.

This book really rocks. I have a good comparison as in parallel I read Stroustrup’s newest version of “The C++ programming language”. C++11 Rocks is really good as it touches the new concepts at correct level: neither too superficial nor too deep. Just at the level to quickly grasp it.– Michal Rotkiewicz

C++11 Rocks - GCC

GCC 4.8+ edition

Get the lowdown on all of the C++11 language features implemented in GCC 4.8 and above.

I picked up a copy of Alex’s book, and he has done some amazing work! For those of you who find yourself short on time, but need to know what’s new and keep current this book has it all. It’s a great time saver, and the organization of the material makes it a great companion reference.- Jay D. Campbell

C++11/14 Rocks - Clang

Clang 3.4+ edition

Get the lowdown on all of the C++11 & C++14 language features implemented in Clang 3.4 and above.

C++ cheatsheets


C++11 concurrency cheatsheet:

C++11 concurrency cheatsheet


C++11 regular expressions cheatsheet:

C++11 regex cheatsheet


C++11 STL cheatsheet:

C++11 STL cheatsheet


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Visual comparison of language complexity

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