C++11/14 Rocks book: Visual Studio 2013 edition

You want to write better performing, cleaner code using the latest C++ features. You know that C++11 has a lot to offer, but there are so many different changes, and you don’t know where to start. Online tutorials are shallow and fragmented, and you don’t have the time to sift through books in search of C++11 features. It all seems a bit too difficult.

This book will show you the full power of C++

VS2013 edition I’ve dedicated hundreds of hours to research, and compiled all the relevant information into a single book. My book is laser-focused on the C++11 and C++14 features provided by the Visual Studio 2013 compiler and standard library. You’ll quickly get in-depth knowledge required to use the latest C++ features in your projects.

I wrote the book for experienced C++ developers. It has tons of examples, detailed explanations, and no fluff.

In addition to all the different C++11 features, the book describes 81 cases of bugs and other deviations from the standard in VS2013. You don’t need to waste your time figuring them out for yourself. Make your life easier for a price of a not-so-fancy restaurant dinner for two!

Benefits for you and your project

Any non-trivial project will benefit from using the new features. These are the main advantages:

  • Better performance
  • Improved abstractions
  • Less boilerplate code
  • More type safety

Get started today!

Start mastering the full power of modern C++:

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You get the book in PDF, EPUB and Mobi formats.

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Readers say…

This is a sample of what people had to say about my books:

This book really rocks. I have a good comparison as in parallel I read Stroustrup’s newest version of “The C++ programming language”. C++11 Rocks is really good as it touches the new concepts at correct level: neither too superficial nor too deep. Just at the level to quickly grasp it. – Michal Rotkiewicz

I bought your C++11 Rocks book a few months back now and I’d love to give a big thank you for that. I’ve been coding confidently and effectively in C++ for around 15 years and yet I’ve somehow ended up finding modern C++ quite confusing. I work in the video games industry so we know what we’re doing and how to get the best out of the software we write. And yet, for me at least, C++ has grown into something really quite monolithic and challenging to fully understand. Your book has helped massively in bringing me up to speed though.

So now I’m able to use a sizeable proportion of the new features of C++11 where I’ve come to fully understand their implications. And I’ll keep returning to C++ Rocks it until I’ve fully explored everything the new C++11 has to offer – it’s a solid text that I’ll refer to again and again. - Robert Baker

Just wanted to say what a pleasant surprise your C++11 Rocks book has been! Very clearly and concisely written, with great depth and coverage. I’ve been a full-time C++ developer since 1994, so wasn’t expecting to pick up as much as I have! – Shaun Fielder

Excellent C++11 book! I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into your C++11 Rocks book. This is the perfect reference for all the new features that went into the language. – John Shaffstall

Thanks again for the book! I find myself referring to it frequently as I try to integrate the new C++11 features into my daily work. I can’t imagine how many hours you spent working out all of the idiosyncrasies in the VS2010 implementation but those are hours I get to save! - Angel Marquez (@DebugMonkey)

Get the book now for just $49 $19 ➡

(or download a sample chapter and table of contents)

Remember, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

About the author

Alex Korban

Alex Korban has been crafting software for over 12 years and educating software developers since 2012. He’s been advocating the use of modern C++, STL and Boost for a long time. Alex has worked for a range of companies, from web startups to a US multinational, and on a variety of C++ projects including a flight simulator, geospatial applications, computer controlled bulldozer blades, and even software driven kerb laying machines (these 4 metre tall beasts are very cool to see in action!).